I lost access to my username/profile.

We are very sorry to hear that you have lost access to your username/profile. If you do not remember your username, but you do know the email address to which the account is connected, you can enter the email address instead of the username in the credentials box, and you will be able to access the account. If you still receive an error message, you can also try to recover your password: Azerion Connect-Recover Password.

If you are unsure about which email address you have used to access your account, you can contact us using the button at the end of this page, and we will be happy to help you.
Please bear in mind that, if you are not in possession of any data regarding your account, it may be not possible to recover it.
Please remember that it is your responsibility to keep your profile information in a safe place. You can read more about our policies in our Terms of Use section: https://www.gamesgames.com/disclaimer.

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    mary Parasiliti

    I have my user name and password. The only one I have had with you since 2008 and all of a sudden you no longer have it. The problem is on your end, not mine. My user name is maryjo46. my password is: Tinatornado2. I clicked keep me signed in. Now when I put in my email account to recover my account it say we don't have that email on record. It is the only one i have had ever. I bought coin today for the live bingo game, but they won't let me in even after playing on facebook today. I will never spend another dime on your game if you don't recover my account. Are you a bunch of thieves and liars.

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