How can I change my account information?

Our system does not allow you to modify gender, username, or age once an account has been created.
If you have made a mistake, we advise you to remove the account (see ‘How do I delete my account?’ section) and create a new account. You can then choose a different username. Please note that,  if you delete your account, the progress made on some games will be lost, and it may not be possible to recover them.

To make your profile either public or private, you can go into the "Settings" section, then choose the option you wish to select, and then click on "Save"

In order to  change all the other information on your account, such as your email address or password, you can go to

For more information on how to manage all the information on your Azerion Connect account, please see our Azerion Connect section of the FAQs.


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