How do I delete my account?

Before you follow the steps below, please make sure you've logged out of your account!


We're sorry to see you go!

If you log in through Facebook or Google+, you need to take the following steps:
•Request a regular password, by clicking on 'Edit profile/privacy';
•Click on 'Change password/email' (a new password will be sent to your email);

You can then delete your account here.

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    brianna mcleod

    this is stupid i have no idea how this works and its not helpful at all be more specific, i creating my account with facebook and when i try and delete my account it prompts me for email and password then wheni enter all my emails and all the possible passwords i have it says

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    brianna mcleod

    username and password are wrong and thats after i click the link provided here so its pretty much useless, your new ggg website sucks and i cant make a new avatar i dont like any of the avatars there so im trying to delete and i cant!

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    Barbara Polkinghorn

    Barbara Polkinghorn PLEASE CANCEL MY ACCOUNT NOW""""""""

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