I experienced a bug on a social game (Slotomania, Let’s Fish, Royal Story, Cloud Kingdom) and I’d like to report it

Please record your UID (read this article on how to find it) and contact us here – we’d love to help you solve the issue and improve our game

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    usi bullgal. In regards to return of slotomania game, Legends of the Elements, I am reporting a bug. Whenever there is a win, auto spin (if played) stops as does all game activity. One must click or tap spin, winnings show and auto may or may not resume. What is even more frustrating is that this occurs on free spins as well. You MUST click spin between any win and play.It's been up for 2 days only. I'm sure there have been other reports on bug. Wanted to make sure you know. Hope you can fix it. Jean aka bullgal

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