I experienced a bug on a social game and I’d like to report it

We are sorry that you experienced a bug. The support for some of our social games is provided by another support team in our company, but other social games have a different integration, so the support is provided directly by our partner companies that developed the game, so, how to report a bug depends on the game.
More in details, some of those social games have a GD+ integration, that means that they are integrated on our network and we, as Azerion, provide direct support for these games.

Those games are:
Knights and Brides
Royal Story
Family Relics
Charm Farm
If you experience a bug in one of these games, you can contact Plinga support (it's a different support team in our company) through the contact form that you can find in the left column in the game:  


All other social games have an I-frame integration, so the support for those games is managed directly by our partners that developed these games.
If you are experiencing a bug on one of the games published on our portals, please contact the corresponding support service.

Here is the list:

Goodgame Empire: https://support.goodgamestudios.com/?lang=en&g=12 Goodgame Big Farm: https://support.goodgamestudios.com/?g=15&lang=en&platformId=0 Goodgame Poker: https://support.goodgamestudios.com/?g=1&lang=en&platformId=0 Jackpot: support@jackpot.de Casino World: https://casinoworld.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Vegas World: https://vegasworld.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Poker live Pro: https://www.gamesgames.com/game/poker-live-pro Iron Order: https://www.screencast.com/t/2moM8IL7NShn Lady Popular: https://feedback.xs-software.com/ladypopular3/int/1/payments/index/9085913/b9cd571dd0ec79[…]b01/en_EN/partnerid/927/?ts=FLBbRT9Q5UZXer8gJT61vw%3D%3D My free farm 2: https://support.upjers.com/it/index.php?params%5Blang%5D=it&params%5Bgame%5D=81&params[…]sion%5D=&params%5Bclientversion%5D=&params%5Buserlevel%5D=0 Elvenar: https://support.innogames.com/kb/onyx/en_US Farmerama: https://board-en.farmerama.com/forums/index-descriptions.574/ Bingo online: https://www.gamesgames.com/game/bingo-online Forge of Empires: https://support.innogames.com/kb/foe/en_us Let's Fish: https://tensquaregames.helpshift.com/hc/en/4-let-s-fish/contact-us/?l=en (this game has no I-frame integration but our partner, Tensquaregames, is still responsible for player's support, including payments) Mafia Battle: https://www.mafiabattle.com/it/contact/ War Thunder: https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en-us World of Tanks: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/help/ Imperia Online: https://forum.imperiaonline.org/int/index.php
If you are unsure about which support you need to contact, do not hesitate to reach us through the Spil Support contact form, using the "Contact us here" button at the bottom of this page. We will be happy to help you and redirect you to the corresponding service!

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