Harvest Honors/Crystical is running slow or not loading

This problem can occur due to different reasons and some of them can be related with your computer or browser.

We suggest you start by checking the speed of your internet connection here and follow these steps:
- Reload the game;
- Clear your browser cache all time ranges (please be aware that, if you are playing as not registered users (as a "guest") this will remove your game progress);
- Restart your computer;
- Update your browser and device to the latest version;
- Try to play using another web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge) and incognito mode;
- Try to play while using a different internet network (public Wi-Fi, office network...);
- Try to play using another computer;
- Remove any AdBlock or plugins if you have them installed on your browser;
-Unplug the router from the power outlet to reboot it
-Try to play as a guest
If this still doesn't help, please contact us by using the "Contact us here" button at the bottom of this page.


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